Naïm Amor is a French born, Parisian musician who moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1997 where he lives with his family.

Then, as part of the “experimental avant pop” Amor Belhom Duo with drummer Thomas Belhom, he met and recorded with Joey Burns and John Convertino of the band Calexico.

In 2005 he finished his first record ‘Sanguine’, an album produced by Joey Burns of Calexico. His next album “Dansons” was released in May 2012 on British indi-label Vacilando '68 and Sweet Dreams Press in Japan.

Beyond recording albums and performing, Naïm also developed “side projects” that resulted in four albums of instrumental music entitled 'Soundtracks'. The first one came out in 2000, a Volume II was released in 2004, a Volume III came out in 2009 and the Volume IV in 2011.

During 2013 Naïm was ready to record a new album and went into the studio to create this current music project, which is a combination of electric guitar, string ensemble and vocals, entitled 'HEAR THE WALLS'.

His thoughts behind the album name were this:

"When you turn the music off, you can hear the walls, the sound of one specific place, it's nude ambiance that makes it so unique. This album fits the moment and the place when you decide to finally turn the music on again and.....listen."

Recorded at Waterworks Studios in Tucson, AZ - in collaboration with Thoger Lund (of Giant Sand, DeSoto Caucus & Howe Gelb) and Ben Nesbit (Violin), Thomas Belhom (Percussion), Heine Hanson (Piano), the album was recorded and mixed by Jim Waters – and was released in the winter of 2014.

Naïm also composes film/short film soundtracks between recording his albums. He completed the score for the PBS documentary film "Precious Knowledge - which has won two awards at the San Diego and Los Angeles Latino Film Festival. The film was screened in various festivals including the New York HBO Latino Film Festival, And aired nationwide on PBS in May 2012.

banjo Violin Bird Drum Bird Lady Bird Naim Booth Moto


Released 25 November 2014

Naïm Amor (Vocals, guitars, strings) Thøger Lund (Upright bass, electric bass) Thomas Belhom (Percussions and drums) Heine Hansen (Piano on "Cours La Rejoindre") Ben Nisbet (Violin on "Au Large De Tes Bras") Recorded at Waterworks Studio by Jim Waters. Mixed by Jim Waters and Naïm Amor.


Released 15 May 2012

Naïm Amor (vocals, guitars, strings arrangements) Matt Mitchell (acc guitar), Thøger Lund (upright bass), Arthur Vint (drums, percussions), Marco Rosano (accordion), Emilie Marchand (vocals on *), Christian Ravaglioli (oboe), John Convertino (thunder drum), Howe Gelb (Wurlitzer electric piano). Mastered by Jim Blackwood. Thanks to Joey Burns for his prospective and advices in the mixing process.


Released 01 October 2007

PITCHORK: "On the understated "Precious Second", Calexico's brushed snare and roomy bass create a sparse desert backdrop for Amor's hushed vocals and guitar pirouettes, so that the song floats pensively in the dry Franco-Arizonan air."


Released 01 January 2005

This album was originally released on vinyl (we still have copies available), it is an overall "jazz" take on some on songs taken from album the Sanguine and Soundtracks (vol I), plus some exclusive tracks like Sketch composed and recorded with Joey Burns.

Soundtracks Vol. IV

Released 01 August 2011

Fourth volume of the Soundtracks series, the new Soundtracks vol IV features the original score of award winning documentary motion picture film “Precious Knowledge”. The film is about the struggle of the students fighting against the banning of the Ethnic Studies program in the department of the Tucson Unified School District. The music here has a deliberate non literal approach as the Ethnic Studies program promotes the learning of ancient culture backgrounds only to create a new world, a new culture. Reading the past to reconcile with the present and embrace the future is really the message that the music here was meant to “illustrate”.

Soundtracks Vol. III

Released 01 March 2009

Imaginary soundtracks for films that never existed but in your daydreams. Third installment in the series.

Soundtracks Vol. II

Released 01 January 2003

Imaginary soundtracks for films that never existed but in your daydreams. Second installment in the series.

Soundtracks Vol. I

Released 01 October 2001

Imaginary soundtracks for films that never existed but in your daydreams. First of the series.

"Fäviken" for

"What the Tree Remembers, the Axe Forgets" for

"I Learn America" (trailer). Documentary film by Jean Michel Dissard and Gitte Peng.

Mike Kus takes pictures with his cell phone. Mike is one of the most followed non-celebrity, non-professional, non-corporate Instagram users.

Directed by Ira Chute

Musical score for The Last Supper documentary video. Julie Green creates a series of ceramic plates illustrating final meal requests in the United States. She’s painted 500 plates so far, and adds more each year. She’ll continue painting these plates until capital punishment is no longer. It’s art-making as question-asking.

Directed by Ira Chute for Dark Rye productions (Whole Foods)

Musical score for video about Gerry Leary. He began his life with lack of sight but an abundance of curiosity. He doesn’t just get by either. He has become a craftsman, an entrepreneur, and a destination for the most particular coffee drinkers in Boulder, Colorado. There are other ways to take in our world other than sight alone.

Directed by Ira Chute for Dark Rye productions (Whole Foods)

Musical score for an innitiative to help drive awareness about the endangered honey bee populations, the problems associated with it, and what you can do to help.

Directed by Ira Chute for Whole Foods

Film score for Precious Knowledge, a movie that illustrates what motivated Tucson High School students and teachers to form the front line of an epic civil rights battle.

Directed by Ari Palos


Seulement Toi

Over The Miles

Precious Second

Directed by Eric Tu

On Se Tient (Live at the Carlone's)

Directed by Chris Carlone

Viré De l'ORTF

Directed by Naïm Amor

Tap Room

Directed by Naïm Amor

The Ballad of Gabrielle

Directed by Eric Tu

Klezmer Muzzak

Directed by Chris Carlone

Reminds Me Of a Song

Directed by Chris Carlone

Les Sortileges

Directed by Chris Carlone